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Do You Groom Your Cat or Do You Hire a Professional?

If you own a cat, you may think you do not need to groom it just like many do. The reasons are that cats seem to be self-sufficient when cleaning themselves with their special tongue. However, together with the daily grooming exercise, they perform on themselves, it is important to give them professional grooming sessions once in a while to keep them more comfortable. The following are reasons why professional grooming is a good gift for your cat and beneficial to you as the owner. Below are the benefits of professional cat grooming.

Avoid Mats

Cats with long hair need regular grooming; leaving them unattended makes them develop matted fur balls on their coat. Also, cats with medium hair need grooming to improve their well-being and appearance. Without grooming your pet, it is possible to grow long hair that may eventually have matted fur and make the animals look unpreventable and uncomfortable.

Regular brushing of the cat’s fur removes dirt, debris, and any dead hair from the fur, which is a great way of preventing mats. Also, it helps prevent hairballs that can accumulate in the cat’s digestive system.

Professional grooming of your cat keeps the kitty fur well brushed and healthy and keeps mats away, leaving the cat with a comfortable and healthier coat. Also, brushing your cat and removing mats acts as a stimulant to help the cat produce and distribute the natural oils to keep the skin moisturized and healthy.

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Reduces Excessive Shedding

A good way of living comfortably with your cat is to have professional grooming, especially if you have anyone in the family allergic to animal fur. Regular grooming is an effective way of reducing shedding and ensures that the cat maintains a healthy coat. Although sometimes people think they have allergies because of animal fur, it may be because of pollen. But grooming your cat will help you live comfortably with the animal in the same house.

While the cat may be familiar with you and comfortable with your grooming, a professional touch gives you better results. Therefore even though the cat may feel uncomfortable visiting a professional groomer, with time, they will become used to the idea and corporate to having their coats groomed by a professional.

Know When Your Cat Has Some Skin Parasites

It is not always an easy thing to identify when your cat has some fleas on its skin. But staying without treating them can cause problems with the skin. The best thing is that as professionals groom your pet, they can identify and treat any skin problems. They will advise you if your cat needs to begin a treatment program to keep ensuring its health. Also, if you plan to be boarding your cat once in a while when travelling, the boarding facility requires boarding tick and fleas-free animals. It will be disappointing to take your cat for boarding to be turned back because the facility will not admit the animal if it has ticks, fleas, or both.

Reduce Claw Danger

Cats can have very long claws; if you leave them without grooming, they can become dangerous because they are their defence weapon and can hurt. Cats with long claws can hurt themselves and may be dangerous to other pets and human beings. The best way to avoid the risky claws is to let a professional groom your cat trim the claws and keep them blunt. If you allow the cat to have long, sharp claws, it may damage your seats by tearing them up with the claws.

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Treat Skin Condition

It is not easy to bathe a cat as many cats do not like water. You can only bathe a cat when you take the cat to a cat grooming professional. The experts know the benefit of bathing the cat and how to do it professionally without annoying it. It is also the best way of treating skin conditions. Bathing removes anything that is not wanted on the skin and improves the hygiene of cats that cannot lick out the dirt. It is possible to bathe your cat at home, but it is not easy, and therefore you should seek help from a professional grooming facility or a vet hospital.

Other than grooming your cat, it is also important to know when to call a vet officer to ensure your cat is always in a healthy condition. When grooming a cat, you may notice an issue that requires vet attention. Therefore, you should watch your cat during the grooming session if you choose to do it at home. On the other hand, if you take it to a professional, the expert will know if the cat needs medical attention during the grooming session.

Some signs of an unhealthy cat include licking, biting, or scratching some body parts more than usual; it may be a sign that the cat has some health issues. If you notice a cat doing any of these things, it is time to call a vet. At the same time, you may notice that the cat cannot reach all the body parts when cleaning it, as was the case before. When the cat is overweight or suffers from arthritis, it may not reach other body parts with the tongue as before.

How to Choose a Cat Grooming Expert

Before taking your cat to a grooming expert, the first thing is to make sure you have the right professional. You can start by asking your vet for a referral or speaking to the people around who are cat owners. They will refer you to the person who grooms their cats. Once you get the professional, please find out how long they have been dealing with the cats. Any professional dealing with the grooming of cats for years is likely to make your cat comfortable during the grooming session.

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