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Can Cat Nails Be Trimmed?

Is cat claw trimming a safe thing to do? How to clip the nails of a kitty? Have these questions in mind? Find answers to them right here! Scroll down to educate yourself on cat grooming.

Only a cat person knows that being a cat parent can be challenging. One must make peace with the damage they cause to curtains and furniture while marking their territory, getting a good stretch, expressing their emotions, and removing the dead part of their nails. That last part, though, is where our interest lies. Can cat nails be trimmed?

Why not when you have cat nail cutting services available in your area? It is a beautiful idea to keep your furry baby happy and your home shred-free. In addition, nail trimming is an effective alternative to declawing – a process where nails are surgically amputated. Trust the cat behaviouralists; the latter leads to behavioural and health issues. Let us not delve into it, but rather, check out the tips to trim your kitty’s nails at home, as it is an essential part of cat grooming.

Tips on How to Achieve a Successful Nail Trimming Session – The Best Way to Groom a Cat

Regular manicure sessions for your adorable fur ball need not be a stressful experience. Enclosed are the top tips on how to do so sans the bites and scratches. You can also read it this way – the standard strategies implemented by cat groomers while offering cat nail cutting services:

  • Set the mood

The session begins with gathering all supplies, especially a cat nail clipper and finding a comfortable and quiet spot to keep your feline friend calm. The best time of the day to trim nails is post meals when they feel sleepy. Ensure you are away from distractions such as other pets and open windows.

Some pets can be squirmy. Wrapping a soft towel around like a burrito can help them relax more quickly and prevent them from seeing what you are up to.

  • Befriend the paws

Not all kitties love it when you play with their paws. Hence, take the time to make them feel comfortable. Gently hold their feet between your fingers and rub them for a few seconds. When you think they have relaxed, softly press to extend the claw and be swift to notice where the ‘quick’ is. Repeat the process a few times until they grow accustomed to the act and wriggle no more.

Please note that a ‘quick’ is the pink part of their nails that houses the blood vessels and nerve endings. It is pretty sensitive and may result in bleeding if you accidentally nick it. So, be careful!

  • Cut the nails at 45-degree

Bring up the clipper from your supplies and trim your cat’s nail tip at a 45-degree angle. This will allow your pet to rest its claws comfortably on the ground while walking. A word of advice to all is to use firm pressure while clipping the claws to prevent crushing from a delicate and more faltering approach. Many cats get agitated after cutting a few nails. It is better to end the cat grooming session right away and call it a day. Take an attempt the next day to keep your fluff ball happy.

  • Avoid cutting to the quick.

The kitties’ claws are mostly clear, with a darker section on the inside. Cat groomers call it the ‘quick’. Never cut too deep to the quick, or it may bleed, and your pet may grow uncomfortable. However, immediately apply styptic powder to its paws if you accidentally do so. It is available in pet supply stores.

  • Always reward your furry baby after the session.

It can be a special treat or a toy to make your pet realise that trimming need not be stressful. It can be a fun and enjoyable experience. Establish a positive association with cat grooming sessions.

  • Schedule a manicure and pedicure session for your pet with a cat groomer

Had a tough time trimming your pet’s claws? Book a slot with a veterinarian or a groomer to avail of cat nail cutting services. Visit the professional every two weeks to get your kitty accustomed to a routine and keep its claws under control.

Can Cat Nails Be Trimmed

Wrapping up

It is pretty evident from the discussion that the answer to “can cat nails be trimmed?” is a resounding YES. However, one must be informed before beginning to ensure the safest cat grooming session. Make sure you take a cue from this article before dedicating yourself to its extra grooming care. ‘Extra’ because these domesticated animals tend to groom themselves instinctively to maintain the shine on their coats.

Veterinary centres often provide cat nail cutting services besides ear and fur cleaning solutions. The best way to groom a cat is by booking a slot with a specialist. This will save you from earning yourself some scratches and bites along the way and the domestic animal from undue trauma.

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