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We know what your little friends mean to you, so we take care about them with love and passion.

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Dog Grooming Margate

Dog Grooming

One way to raise a healthy dog is through grooming. However, there is a limit you can go to! To keep your canine friend healthy and good looking at all times, you will need professional help. We have made it our duty to ensure that every dog that visits our grooming centre leaves feeling and looking better.

Dog Grooming Redcliffe

In Between Dog Grooming

So you are weeks away from your next grooming appointment, but you feel your pet may need a little trim here and there. No worries, let professionals handle it! We are always at your disposal for a quick trim, quick wash and groom or even during an emergency. Check out some of our in-between services.

Cat Grooming Margate

Cat Grooming

If you are a cat owner, you know that they are charmers and deserve nothing but the best. For this reason, we bring you only the best and highly rated cat grooming services in Redcliffe area. We have experts who will give your feline friend the royal and luxurious grooming they deserve! Check out our cat grooming services.

Pets Are Rare Gems!

Let us share our love with your precious friends

If you have ever owned a pet, you will understand how easy it is for These creatures to win over one’s affection in a heartbeat. There are indeed rare gems and ought to be treated as one. We aim to make your pet feel loved by offering top-notch grooming services to them no matter their breed, personality or size. We are in the business of spoiling your pet with lots of care and attention both on the inside and inside! If you are in the Margate area and need a luxury dog grooming or cat grooming service, we are here for you!

Cleaning Dogs Ears Margate
Hydrobath For Dogs Redcliffe

Why Choose Us?

Professional dog grooming, friendly caring personal, warm hydrobath

We are highly knowledgeable in pet grooming for all ages, breeds and sizes. We are also licensed to carry out our grooming services on your pet.

At our grooming salon, the comfort and the safety of your dog come first. Your dog gets access to clean water and a limitless amount of hugs as they undergo grooming. We also prioritise your opinion by taking time to listen to concerns about your pet since you know them better than anyone else. All these ensure that your dog feels safe and happy while being groomed. Some of the dog grooming services we offer are:

  • Luxury hydro bathing
  • Nail trimming
  • Hair trimming
  • Ear and eye cleaning
  • Dematting treatments
  • Free hugs!

Why Act Now?

It is never too late to opt for professional grooming services. Your pet deserves the best, and we strive to provide just that. While carrying out our grooming activities, we lavish your pet with lots of hugs, love and attention.

Benefits Of Professional Dog Grooming

While professional grooming is not to dismiss your competence for caring for your pet, it is also important you allow your pet to be taken care of by those licensed and trained to do it. Some of the amazing benefits you will derive from allowing a professional to handle your dog, or cat grooming are:

Healthy Coat And Skin

Grooming plays an important role in helping your pet grow a healthy coat. Frequent bathing, trimming and brushing all contribute to a better-looking fur.

Healthy Foot Structure

Your pet begins to have a healthy foot structure after a period of regular nail trim. This grooming service also helps their posture, makes them less dangerous to people and prevents infection.

Early Detection Of Issues

Another benefit of professional grooming for your pet is that you can discover any issues with the ear, teeth and skin of your pet.

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