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What Should You Not Do When Grooming A Dog

You love your dog, and you want her to have a happy, healthy life. But there’s a lot of confusion regarding dogs and grooming. There are so many opinions on the Internet about what you should or shouldn’t do when clipping fur or trimming nails. If you believe everything you read, you’ll wind up cutting your dog’s coat too short and ends up with bald spots or hacking her nails off so short that she won’t be able to walk properly. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are the things that you should not do when grooming your dog:

1) Don’t clip fur when the dog is sick or stressed

If your dog comes down with a fever or diarrhea, don’t try to clip their coat until they feel better again. Consider postponing the grooming to a later date if your pet is stressed by something beyond your control – such as a visit from a barking neighbor next door. You want your pet to be comfortable and relaxed when you trim their coat, not frightened and stressed out.

2) Don’t trim your dog’s nails too short.

Trimming a dog’s nails too short can cause problems. At first, they may enjoy being able to walk. However, after a short period, the quick movement of their nails will make it uncomfortable for them to walk on all fours at all. The circulation in their feet and legs will stop working properly, and they will feel pain in their paws. Also, because the dog doesn’t have full control over where they are stepping, accidents can happen – and they may not be what you expect.

3) Don’t groom while your dog is sleeping

Although it might appear obvious, you need to stay away from your dog while they are sleeping because they will wake up coughing and struggling to breathe due to people accidentally grabbing their fur during the grooming process.

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4) Do not use scissors to trim your dog’s nails

There are numerous ways to cut your dog’s nails, but some of the most popular include nail clippers, a Dremel, or even blunt-tipped scissors. The last method we mentioned is not a good idea because dogs do not like having their nails clipped, and having them handled with blunt-tipped scissors can hurt them. While using a Dremel or nail clipper is fine for many dogs, some cannot tolerate it, and nail grinding is much better since no clipping is involved.

5) Don’t use a sticky comb

Even though you might think that this type of comb helps detangle your dog’s hair, it’s extremely dangerous to try and use one when grooming him. Since you’re running the comb through their hair, it can snag on their skin and cause them to pull out all of their furs in an attempt to get away from it. It’s best to use a regular wire comb, which will have no risk of causing your dog pain.

6) Do not bathe your dog before grooming

Many dogs hate bath time because they are often sprayed with water like a showerhead. Therefore, it is best to bathe your dog after brushing it out and drying it. In that way, when you clean them, you can make a mess in your bathtub instead of the living room floor.

You should also not bathe your dog too often. Bathing removes natural oils from their skin and coats, which leaves them looking dry and unhealthy. Bathing also strips natural protection from their skin which comes in handy against fleas, ticks, and hot pavement. Soap also can be harmful to your dog’s skin, believe it or not, so using shampoo is a great way to help prevent any health issues.

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7) Do not use human shampoo

While this works great on people, it can be very harmful to dogs because many shampoos contain harmful ingredients for them and their skin. Therefore, you should avoid using human products at all costs and stick with what your dog’s veterinarian recommends.

8) Don’t shave the ears unless the dog is sick or itchy

You can get some fur in your dog’s ears if you don’t notice how often you clip her ears. That can also happen if your dog has been injured and will have scabs on them. Using scissors, carefully trim around the edges of the ear so that they are comfortable but not uncomfortable. Also, don’t ever shave your dog’s ears unless they have scabs on them or are so itchy that they are in pain and need to be treated right away.

9) Don’t trim the fur on the face and paws

It can be tempting to trim all the hair on their face and paws, but this is not a good idea. If they have excess fur around their face, they need it. The coat protects them from bacteria and harmful substances such as smoke and dust. However, if you trim too much fur, your dogs may become embarrassed and confused, with the result being that they will spend a lot of time trying to find other places to hide their faces or paws and avoid social interactions with you.

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10) Do not trim too short

Many owners think that if their dog’s hair is trimmed short, it will look better, but this is not true. You should never trim your dog too short because this can cause hair loss and other health issues that you do not want to deal with.

Dog grooming is a simple way to create a close bond with your furry friend. It can also offer you a chance to enjoy bonding time with your pup, as you help each other feel fresh and clean. However, it is critical to avoid the issues highlighted above to protect your dog from any hazardous issues related to grooming.

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